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How it works?
How it works?

Digital Escape Room - how does it work? 

In an online escape room, just like in a regular, physical escape room - you and your team are introduced to the rules & plot, you have limited time and a specific number of puzzles to solve.

But it is not an ordinary escape room. You can play it comfortably - sitting on your sofa or chair at home, drinking coffee and you can do it with co-workers or friends who are miles away! 

We connect through Zoom app (or other desired platform). In the form of a video conference, the game master introduces you to the story and in the course of the game, presents further puzzles.

Riddles have the form of images, audio and video recordings - mainly in the form of presentation, sometimes in the form of links or files to download.

Your goal is to solve all the puzzles. You have to cooperate, share your ideas and communicate effectively due to the complexity of the riddles.

Teams from 1 to 12 participants play all together in one-window-meeting the whole time.

For large groups (more than 12 people), participants are playing one of the big scenarios (The Mystery of John Smith - Indiana Jones themed game, Strange Things Are Coming - spooky scenario on the theme of Stranger Things or Saving Santa - Christmas special, in which you are helping Santa to find his elf and reindeer).

Most importantly, no matter how many players are in the game - for instance 13 or 120 participants - you are always playing as ONE team and you have ONE common case to solve. To do this, you are divided into special teams (breakout rooms in the app), in which you are solving your part of the investigation.

During the game, we have several scheduled meetings with teams' representatives where they can share their knowledge, ideas, solutions and brainstorm together.

The final riddle is common for all teams.

Each team must share their piece of the solution with the game master and other teams. When this happens, all parts of the final solution together form the answer and enable the achievement of the goal. (You can see the scheme in the picture on the left).