Digital Escape Room - how does it work? 

After weeks of testing, we can present you with our first digital escape room games - which will be more and more!

In the digital Escape Room, just like in an ordinary escape room - you and your team are introduced to the plot, you have a limited time and a specific number of puzzles to solve.

But it is not an ordinary escape room - because you can play it, sitting on your sofa, or chair at home, drinking soda (or something else;) and you can do it with friends which are miles away!

We connect through Zoom. In the form of a video conference, the game master introduces you to the story and along with the course of the game, presents further puzzles in the form of presentations, images and audio and video recordings - mainly in the form of presentation, sometimes in the form of links or files to download.

Your task is to solve all puzzles - because of their difficulty, you have to work together, share ideas, and communicate effectively.

Some scenarios require basic computer skills -  for example: Google search.