Cach me if you can!

One of the most important pieces of art was stole... Leonardo Da Vincis "Lady with an Ermine"! We suspect that the thief is a new museum employee. However, we can't find her anywhere. She disappeared without a trace! Everything seems to indicate that she has hidden her true identity ... We really don't know who we are looking for... 

This is why you join the case: a team of detectives for special cases! You have an hour to sort it out. Solve all puzzles and find the true identity of the villain. Will you be able to catch the robber?

Language: English

Time: 1-1,5 hours

Equipment required: a computer with a camera, speakers and microphone (or headset), WiFi, pen, and paper

Software: Zoom, players get connection details (link, password, date and time) by email - you don't have to install the app, it can be open in a browser

Basic computer skills are required, as part of the puzzles require Google search to solve them.

To book the game just book a date on Airbnb. 

(This is the main scenario for Airbnb games)