Escape Room Games

Play escape room games in your own home, with friends, family, or colleagues from work (Online Teambuilding).

You will become a team of detectives who are trying to solve a case prepared by us. In our games, you will need to use your different skills, and sometimes also some computer applications, or google. You will need to exchange ideas with your teammates, and boost up your creativity!

All of this during one video conversation in Zoom, Google Meets or Microsoft Teams with one of our Game Masters, who is also your storyteller and facilitator for the whole game!

Escape Room Games are available for groups up to 800 participants! IN ONE GAME! Playing TOGETHER as ONE TEAM!

How do our games work?


One of the most precious pieces of art was stolen... Leonardo Da Vinci's "Lady with Ermine"! Someone from our museum staff committed this crime...

You have one hour to investigate this case, solve all puzzles and find the true identity of the villain. Will you be able to catch the thief?

Participants: 1 - 12

Duration: 1-1,5 hour

Language: Polish or English

John Smith was a famous archaeologist. In 2018, he made a mysterious expedition from which he brought a skull of unknown origin. The skull is... cursed! You are a team of special detectives. Your goal will be to find the true origin of the skull and return it before it is too late!

Participants: 9 - 200

Duration: 1 or 1,5 hours

Language: Polish or English

Once upon a time, a dragon lived in Krakow ... However, it was not a real dragon. It was a nickname of a very greedy man - he received it because of the great treasure he had. One day, unexpectedly, the treasure was stolen! Where is it now? Will you be able to find it?

Participants: 1 - 200

Duration: 1 or 1,5 hours

Language: English

News has spread around the world that somewhere in Russia scientists are trying to open a portal to another world. It was just rumors... until now! Someone has opened the gate! Scary monsters have entered our world! As a group of special scientists and detectives, you will try to... save the world! Will you make it?

Participants: 1 - 100

Duration: 1 or 1,5 hour

Language: Polish or English

In the old days, a good witch created a powerful spell that unites people, unfortunately, the evil witch destroyed it and hid it in a set of puzzles. Will you be able to solve them?

Another long online conference is getting longer? This energizer will raise the energy level of the entire team. This game is personalized to the client. (We create spells that match the company/event profile)

Participants: 1 - 300

Duration: 30 minutes - 1 hour

Language: Polish or English

The Vampire Hunters - as a Team you will try to find and stop Dracula! Will you make it in time?Check out our trailer on YouTube:

Participants: 1 - 100

Duration: 1 - 1,5 hour

Language: English

We received a very unusual call - a bomb was planted in our base! The madman who did this wants to play a game with us ... We have to solve all the puzzles he left behind. Can we make it?

Participants: 1 - 800

Duration: 1,5 hour

Language: English 

We are creating games for special occasions.

Online Birthday Party? Baby Shower? Wedding anniversary? Online Onboarding? - Not a problem!

We can personalize one of our existing scenarios or create something special - just let us know! 

For Business

If you are a company looking to make online teambuilding, make online kick off, or just to have some fun with your team - you are in the right place!

We offer special editions of our games, personalized games, and games for bigger teams (up to 800 participants in one game!).

If you are interested in online teambuilding - please call, or write to us and tell us about your needs. We will prepare a tailored offer just for you. 

Or you can always send us a request or book a private group on Airbnb!

Our games can be both in Polish and English languages.


  • real team collaboration that shows its value also in the non-gaming world
  • shows the importance of effective communication
  • getting out of personal comfort zone and building a trusted environment within the team

After the service, we can issue you a VAT invoice, because the DeRiddly brand is a part of the company:

Skafander Klaudia Urban, with the VAT number: PL8151778581