Murder Mystery

Perfect for Teams!

Available for groups up to 800 participants!

There was a murder! Oh no! And only You as a group of detectives are able to solve it... Will you make it?
In this murder mystery escape room game, you will become a group of detectives trying to solve a case that we have prepared. We will connect through Zoom, or Google Meets in a form of a video conference. Then your game master will present you a really mysterious murder case! You will need to collect evidence (sometimes in a form of recordings, pictures, websites), and also solve riddles left at the crime scene! Each riddle will give you a piece of evidence. Because of the level of difficulty (yes, riddles are quite challenging), you will need to cooperate and communicate together! And in the end, you will need to vote: who did it? Who is the killer?

This is a perfect team-building activity! (We designed it thinking about team bondings ;)
But also, this is a great experience to have fun with your friends, family, or teammates!

The recipe for great detectives? : communication, cooperation, and FUN!
You will not only get a challenge from our riddles but also... a funny story, based in Poland!

Online Murder Mystery Escape Room Games

An old storage room was found, which had not been opened since the 80s... It belonged to a psychiatrist, a doctor who was murdered in 1981. The case was mysterious then, but now will we receive new evidence?

Solve all the puzzles left by the doctor and finally solve the main puzzle: who is the murderer?

Participants: 1 - 800

Duration: 1-1,5 hour

Language:  English

Tomasz Lewczynski has disappeared. He was a mafia boss. It is to be spoken he was murdered. Who done it? And why? With the help of one local policeman, you will try to get to the truth, solve all the riddles, and find the villain.

Participants: 1 - 12

Duration: 1-1,5 hour

Language: Polish or English