Cracow Case

Top mafia boss was disappeared... The world fears for its safety. What madman would dare to make such a dangerous move? Nobody trusts anyone and the police are afraid to investigate. This is why you join the case: a team of detectives for special tasks. You have an hour to sort it out. Solve all puzzles and identify the villain and the motives. Can you win against time and the mafia?

Language: English

Time: 1-2 hours

Equipment required: a computer with a camera, speakers and microphone (or headset), WiFi, pen, and paper

Software: Zoom, players get connection details (link, password, date and time) by email - you don't have to install the app, it can be open in a browser

Basic computer skills are required, as part of the puzzles require Google search to solve them.

Game available at Airbnb in Private Groups. 

Game available every day of the week.