You are a team of engineers for special tasks. This morning a weird phone call is coming to your office. You are threaten that a bomber will detonate a bomb in the center of Europe if you don't take up the challenge and play his sick game.

The bomb has already been found, to stop it you need to enter a 4-digit code. However, there are many combinations.

You only have an hour to reach the end of the madman matrix.

The fate of the world is in your hands!

Language: English / Polish

Time: 1-2 hours

Equipment required: a computer with a camera, speakers and microphone (or headset), WiFi, pen, and paper

Software: Zoom, players get connection details (link, password, date and time) by email - you don't have to install the app, it can be open in a browser

Basic computer skills are required, as part of the puzzles require Google search to solve them.

Game available only at Airbnb in Private Groups every day of the week.