The Mystery 

of John Smith

John Smith a world-famous archaeologist with Polish roots. In 2018, he made a mysterious expedition, from which he brought a skull of unknown origin. Nobody knows where John brought it from.  Immediately after this expedition, strange things began to happen around John. More and more people close to John began to disappear in mysterious circumstances. John himself - he lost his mind. 

You are a team of detectives for special tasks related to archeology. Your goal will be to find out the true origin of the skull and return it before it is not too late!

Special game for bigger groups! From 12 - 30 people!

You start as one team of detectives, then I am dividing you into smaller teams in which you need to solve your part of the main riddle, and for the final, you are back together as one team!

Perfect as teambuilding activity!

Language: English / Polish

Time: 1,5-2 hours

Equipment required: a computer with a camera, speakers and microphone (or headset), WiFi, pen, and paper

Software: Zoom, players get connection details (link, password, date and time) by email - you don't have to install the app, it can be open in a browser

Basic computer skills are required, as part of the puzzles require Google search to solve them.

Game available at Airbnb in Private Groups.

Game available every day of the week.