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Our new Halloween special! 

The Vampire Hunters - as a Team you will try to find and stop Dracula! 

Will you make it in time? 

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We are creating and providing Online Escape Room Games, Murder Mystery Games, and Online Creativity Workshops!

Our games are the best for: online team buildings, kick offs, online anniversaries, online birthday parties, or just having fun online together!

We are making online events for groups up to 800 people! 

Our games are available on meeting apps like: Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet!

With our events you can play escape room games, murder mystery games, or have creativity workshops in your own home, with friends, family, or colleagues from work (Online Teambuilding) whenever you like! 

Get to know our games and workshops:

     Step by step

  1. Find a game you like. 
  2.  Click "Send Request" /  Or book the game by Airbnb 
  3.  Fill in there the forms (choose the date, time, the number of participants, and which scenario would you like to play)
  4.  Wait for an email from us with confirmation, service order, and the game details: link of Zoom video conference, password.
  5.  Share conference details with your group. 
  6.  Check your connection with Zoom by joining test meeting: .  - More instructions: <click> 
  7.  Make sure your computer's camera, speakers, microphone (or headset) and wifi is working before the game. 
  8.  Get some pen and paper. 
  9.  When the time comes, connect to Zoom and PLAY!
  10. The payment here is done after the game via PayPal or Bank Transfer :)

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