Play escape room games in your own home, with friends. family, or colleagues from work. 

You will become a team of detectives who are trying to solve a case prepared by us. 

In some scenarios, you will need to use your computer, google, some applications, and exchange ideas with your teammates. 

In other games, you will need to boost up your creativity! 

All of this during one video conversation in Zoom with our Game Master, who is your storyteller for the whole game!


Tomasz Lewczynski has disappeared. He was a mafia boss. It is to be spoken he was murdered. Who done it? And why? With the help of one local policeman, you will try to get to the truth, solve all the riddles, and find the villain.

This game is available only in English & Polish..

You are a team of engineers for special tasks. This morning a weird phone call is coming to your office. You threaten to detonate a bomb in the center of Europe if you don't take up the challenge and play his sick game. 

This game is available in Polish & English.

The main game for Airbnb guests. In Museum Czartoryski one of the most important pieces of art is missing! You are a team of detectives trying to connect all the clues and to catch the robber!

The game is available in Polish & English.

     Step by step

  1. Find a game you like. 
  2.  Click "BOOK A GAME". 
  3.  Choose date, time, and the number of participants, write to us which scenario would you like to play.
  4.  Purchase it. 
  5.  You will receive an email from Airbnb with game details: link of Zoom video conference, password, date and time of the game. 
  6.  Share conference details with your group. 
  7.  Check your connection with Zoom by joining test meeting: .  - More instructions: <click> 
  8.  Make sure your computer's camera, speakers, microphone (or headset) and wifi is working before the game. 
  9.  Get some pen and paper. 
  10.  When the time comes, connect to Zoom and PLAY!

Through the eyes of our customers 

  • My friends and I joined from different cities and Klaudia made us feel like we were all playing from the same living room. It was super fun!  - Vanessa
  • Such a fun time! The riddles are challenging and I had a wonderful group. All of the ladies on my team were lovely :) Klaudia put alot of thought and care into this. Would definitely do again! - Alexandria
  • This is a unique and entertaining activity. Klaudia is a wonderful story teller and story maker. Plot was great and puzzles were fun. Recommended to everyone! - Birsen & Eric & Caro